1. What is Learning Nugget?

The Gathletics Learning Nugget Bot is an invaluable resource for sharing learning nuggets with all visitors to your Gather.Town space. This way, everyone can quickly get to grips with the learning nugget and put it into practice. Plus, learning is more effective when shared in a team. Our learning nuggets don't do the learning for you, but they provide a concise, efficient way to build knowledge and skills. Our ever-growing database contains more than 200 learning nuggets, and it's constantly expanding!

2. What subjects does Learning Nugget offer?

The Gathletics Learning Nugget Bot sends one of over 200 learning activities from the following categories every day.

🔍 identify & explain

🏄‍♂️ discover & enchant

✅ prepare & prioritise

👩‍💻 review & analyze

📯 share & cooperate

3. Who can use Learning Nugget?

Everyone in your Gather.Town Space

4. How do I access Learning Nugget?
Sign up for our beta programme now and follow the instructions. As soon as your Gathletics Bot is ready, we will contact you. (it may take up to two workdays for the Bot to be added to your space)

5. What type of materials are available on Learning Nugget?

Provide Tips, Tasks and Prompts for you and your Team to learn.

6. How do I submit feedback or questions to Learning Nugget?

You can send a direct message to the Learn-Nugget-Bot, and it will forward your message to us. Alternatively, you can email us directly.

7. Is there a fee to use Learning Nugget?

At present, the use of our learning offer is free of charge. In the future, we will offer a free version or a paid version of it at a later date.

8. How often is Learning Nugget updated?

The database is updated weekly.

9. How secure is my data on Learning Nugget?

Gathletics does not collect any data other than the messages sent directly to the bot. All data is securely stored and handled in accordance with GDPR regulations.



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