With the Gathletics Learning Nugget Bot, you can feed these learning nuggets directly into your Gather.Town space and automatically send a nugget to every visitor as soon as they log in. All learners then have to do is note down the learning nugget and put it into practice. Learning becomes even more effective when you share it in a team. Learning nuggets do not do the learning for you, they rather guide you and are a compact and effective solution to improve your knowledge and skills. The database consists of more than 200 items and is constantly growing.

It is common knowledge that the attention span of modern people is getting shorter and shorter as applications and technologies become more readily available and there are more and more distractions. On Facebook, for example, videos are usually not watched for more than a minute, and on YouTube, a website specifically for videos, the abandonment rate peaks after 4-5 minutes.... Microlearning or learning nuggets are an effective way to cope with the speed of modern life, attention span and interactions. Learning nuggets is a series of short but effective training content that helps you take your knowledge and skills to a new level.



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